Growing up I always knew I’d go places and see things. I have no idea how but I just always knew I would. I’d like to say that so far I’ve been doin’ alright, but I still have a LONG way to go. Like many other Chicanos, I grew up in third world conditions, and if you don’t think people live this way in America, then take a walk through Seville. I started picking oranges at age 4 and like a lot of my friends, grew up in a troubled home. I know that at this point this story is just a cliché, but hear me out. Keeping good grades was more difficult than most people think but I knew that that would be my only way out. When I graduated high school, I was hit with reality. It didn’t matter that I spent 12 years balancing a disadvantaged upbringing and a notable academic career because I was born on the wrong side of the border. Despite this, I’ve somehow managed to stand on my own. Unfortunately, a lot of people in my shoes, a lot of which are far more intelligent and deserving than I am, haven’t been able to live up to their potential. We live in a world, or maybe it’s the culture, that crushes your ambitions and encages them in inhibitions from an early age. The world isn’t something we simply live in. It’s something we’re a part of, something we can change and affect. It starts with us though. It starts deep within. We need to believe in ourselves, and if I can get my people to realize this then I’ll know I’ve lived up to my expectations. This is the social responsibility I feel I must contribute to the world. It’s difficult to get the message across, so I figured the best way to do so was to combine another passion of mine which is fashion. My clothing line is and will always be a reflection of my life and the things I see in it. It’s also my way of giving something for those that grew up like me to identify with, something to relate to and be a part of. So when you wear one of my pieces, know that you’re not alone that you have the power to change the world, because I know I will, and I’m just like you. In the end, I want you to remember my story when you wear my clothes. And when you think of me, remember that I am just a reflection of yourself.